Shipping And Returns

  • Please Allow for 1-3 days processing time and 1-3 days shipping duration. Tracking numbers are automatically sent to your email.

  • All sales are final means no refunds. Do not call your bank to disburse any transactions if product is in your possession doing so will open up a lawsuit (qualifies as theft).

  • If a product arrives broken or defective please reach out to us within the day upon receiving it. Please contact us with video AND photo evidence of the damages. This will entitle you to a replacement and a discount off your next order. 

  • If you have an allergic or medical emergency using our products you are entitled to a full refund! However, we are not entitled to compensate(ingredients and materials are listed in descriptions).

  • If a product doesn't arrive within the expected delivery date please call the carrier. If product is lost during shipping process we are NOT liable to replace it.

  • DO NOT steal images, videos, or the likeness of our brand! 

  • Custom Croc orders are 3-7 day processing time and 1-5 day shipping duration.

    • If your crocs come broken please send them back for repair (no fee) . However, if you break your crocs then it is a $30 repair fee. You have the option to purchase a warranty plan also! 

Hair Services

  • When booking a hair service please read the description fully. Services labeled "w/ hair" means hair included. Services labeled "w/o hair" means hair not included. 

  • You will NOT be considered for an appointment until you book! I do NOT take verbal confirmation!

    • This is especially important for hair included services! The hair is ordered for each client individually. ​

  • Be ready and on time for your appointment! You have a 15 min late grace period! if you fail to come in that time period you will have to reschedule (you will have to pay another deposit).


Covid-19 Guidelines

  • Covid-19 is a Flu like virus that plagues the world globally. This virus has the following symptoms:

    • Coughing, Wheezing, Chest pain/pressure, Sneezing, Vomiting, Pneumonia ​, Fever, Chills, Headaches, etc. 

  • This virus is ongoing and currently has new strains popping up! Please keep up with your Covid testing !

  • ALL clients  are required to wear a mask (even if you're vaccinated)! 

  • Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer before and after your appointment.

  • ALL equipment is sanitized before and after each client. To manage the number of people in the space all services are appointment only. NO WALK INS (including guest, pets, delivery People, etc). 

  • All products are created with gloves and are sanitized repeatedly before shipping. Products are also stored in a safe dry area.

How To...

  •  Get in Contact!

    • You can fill out an contact form located in our "Contact us" page​.

    • You can Visit our page On instagram (@_boujeesalonshop_) or click here

      • Please expect a response within 1-2 days.

  • Create a membership!​​

    • If on mobile click the three lines on the right hand side. Then click the login bar. You can sign in through google or manually make your account. ​

      • Accounts allow you to track your memberships, orders, and appointments with ease. You can also subscribe to emails. Members also get cool discounts exclusive to them!​

  • Get featured!

    • Tag Us in your selfies on IG using #Slayedtheboujeeway. Tagging us also gives you the chance to save money with a coupon code.​

  • Care for your hairstyle!

    • If you booked with us it is important to maintain your style so that it is long-lasting and promotes growth. Damage to the natural hair can occur (we are not liable) if you do not properly maintain the style.​

      • If It is a crochet style (locs or passion twist) Please keep your scalp moisturized to promote growth and prevent breakage. To avoid build up take down the style with in 1-2 months. If you prefer to keep your hair in longer then do scalp washes BUT make sure your hair is properly dried to avoid fungus. This style can only be re-twisted once the next time it will need to be removed.

      • If it is a Wig install, braids, or Ponytail make sure you sleep with a scarf or bonnet and avoid tugging or tension to the style. If you are in any pain that is abnormal please remove the style!

      • WRAP YOUR HAIR TO SLEEP! It is crucial to the longevity of the style. 


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